Why choose Capkon?

We understand that advisory works best when we both understand each other how we work.

We have established ourselves by serving the right people who are fit to our business model. We don’t want just another customer, we want people who have the right attitude to learn and borrow sensibly. We encourage people not to compromise their lifestyle and not be trapped in the credit cycle. Here are some of the qualities shared by our most valued and longest-standing clients:

You believe in sensible borrowing.

We encourage our clients to continue chasing their dreams. We ask them to borrow sensibly so that their career aspirations are not compromised. Through study or training, we want to see you upgrading yourself towards a fulfilling career even after holding the mortgage.  

You see value in long term relationship.

We work hard to win your trust and we have lots of resources on offer to keep you happy. We believe in the long-term relationship. In fact, most of our new businesses come from repeat clients and their referrals.

You understand and value the importance of our advice. 

We have experience, quality, and skills that add value to your decision-making process. In any finance related decision, we want people who believe that two heads are better than one.

If all you’re chasing cheaper interest rates without willing to know the full story or just looking for a discount or promotional offers, honestly speaking, that’s not us. We believe in the holistic approach to wealth building.

If this sounds like you, then please consider us for your advisory partner. Our points of differences are:


We have served thousands of customers and approved over $400 million in residential home loans.

Australia-wide presence:

We have an extensive network of experienced broker partners through which, we provide our services all over Australia

We genuinely believe in educating our clients:

We are running a 12-month eCourse program for free to our first home buyers. More than a thousand potential homeowners, who are considering to buy property within 12 months have joined this course.

Ongoing customer care:

Not only about getting a service, we believe in ongoing customer care. We have a  dedicated team just to look after you and review your needs as your priority and circumstances changes. We offer pro-active services to make sure that you are receiving competitive offers.

The Capkon Family:

We have a whole bunch of Capkon customers enjoying this exclusive customer-only closed group on facebook. You will enjoy the information and content available here, which is second to none.

World-class technology choice:

We have spent a huge fortune in getting our systems to work efficiently and automated most of the processes. You would be surprised to see the cutting edge tools and technology we use at Capkon that even the leading mortgage broking houses are unaware of. Please come and experience yourself. 


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