Client Diaries

" Valuable words CAPKON received for helping our clients securing their great Australian dream. "

What they are saying

Umesh Manandhar

Thank you for the great advice and time to purchase our sweet home with a  hassle free process. Our settlement went smoothly today. Thank you and all the Capkon team for their hard work. We will be in touch. Thanks again a lot.

Sydney, NSW
Capkon client

Kul & Ambik

Thank you for absolutely everything you and your team have done in helping us purchase our dream home. The communication, professionalism, and efficiency throughout the whole process were above and beyond and because of you, we are now proud homeowners. Thank you so much once again we are forever humble and grateful for your service. 

Come in for a coffee or dinner when you are this way or just come in anytime. 

Many thanks 

Sydney, NSW

Yubaraj Pathak

Kiran dai and his team are the best in Australia. No one offers personalized advise as he does. I always feel welcomed whenever I visit his office or meet him in person.

Sydney, NSW


Thank you, Kiran for all those help and support to us. I can only say in one sentence which will be - Best place to consult about all the matters related to the property. I strongly recommend to all my friends and family to visit Capkon.

Sydney, NSW

Prasanna Shrestha

I have had the good fortune of knowing Kiran Ji and CAPKON for some time now. From a 10x10 office in summer hill to the mortgage brokering juggernaut that it is for our community now. There is one small thing that he and his company will do and most others won't. He will try and understand the core reason for you buying the house and your future aspirations. He will be your guide, agent, inspector, financial planner and more than anything else your friend. He is not doing it for free. No one is. But he will not do it at your expense. Go talk to him, you will see.

Sydney, NSW