Entrepreneurs are amazing people. They create opportunities and change the way our society operates. They come up with so many ideas, not all of them are executed. They feel like doing something their own and want to get out of present situation.

Are you one of them? Then, like many others, you face two challenges: what to start with and how to arrange finance to get this going?

Getting a start-up finance is very challenging in Australia, unless you want to share the business equity with early stage investors. However, there are few industries where chances of securing a finance is still possible. We can at least guide you how to approach these sources so that you have better chance of success. More than that, our network and experience in the finance sector can prove to be a great asset for you.

Are you considering to start your own business? Let’s have a chat with us. We have dedicated Business Growth Manager to look after dreamers just like you.

If not decided yet whether business is worth considering, then below reading can help you:

  • Learning 1: Starting a business: What are the challenges?
  • Learning 2: Process for business set up
  • Learning 3: Early stage business funding: what are my options?
  • Learning 4: How do I make my business credit worthiness?

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