Home Loans

Getting a home loan is simple if you know what you are looking for. But it is hard to see through when you have the media filled with advertisement, promotion and incentives. Various home loan options from several lenders and their differences in credit assessment policy add to the complexity further.

Applying for a mortgage is more than just picking up a loan product or choosing any lender that you like. It's about meeting your current needs and immediate future needs. It is also about developing a habit to review the home loan on a regular basis, once you obtain one.

Yes, it is about strategy and believe us or not, it all starts from YOU. Your specific circumstances should define the strategy and work out the loan product you need. Then only you can start comparing lenders for similar products. Incentives and promotions come to the last!

Depending on where you stand in the property buying journey, there are different considerations you need to make. Please choose the below option to customize the information that is relevant to your case.

Home Loan Types:

Car Loans

Australia is probably the country with the highest number of a car per capita in the world. This shows how many cars we buy every year. Not only this, we tend to upgrade our cars every 4-5 years. We spend so much in our driving, but do we do the required level of research when obtaining finance for our vehicles? Maybe, Not.

Car loan is relatively smaller in size compared to home loan and this is where the miscalculation begins! You may not have adequate financial literacy to navigate through the car loan maize or may not do the required level of research due to the loan size being smaller. The cost of this ignorance is enormous! It's in thousands of dollars and that’s even within a few years' time.

Please choose what type of car loan you want to buy, and find relevant information below.

Car loan types:

Business Loan

Running a business is an interesting journey. However, if you cannot get this right, you will be working three times more than a normal job for the same or even less income. You are a one-man-band or a small team of enthusiastic people. Creativity, innovation and dedication can take your business to the next level. And of course, access to finance comes in there too.

Getting finance for small businesses is tricky. Some lenders go easy with you and some don't. Your application is assessed not only by objective measures but also by your profile, current progress and future directions. You need to represent this in your submission very well for a better chance of success and most importantly, you need to select the lender accordingly.

There are several types of financing available depending on what you want from the business. Please choose below options and know more about options that may suit most.

Business loan types:

Utilities Connection

capkon connection

If your finance is approved and you know your move-in date, it is the time to organize your utility connections.

Connecting utilities can be another nightmare when so many things are happening at the same time. Capkon has partnered with MyConnect to assist you in this process. They will help you connect or transfer all your services (such as gas, electricity, phone, internet, etc) in just a simple phone call. Their service is free to you as they get paid commissions by the utility provider.

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