First Home Buyers

As exciting as buying a first home is, you cannot skip on the due diligence. First home buyers find the home buying journey quite daunting as they are new to the scene and constantly inundated with advertisements, promotions, incentives, and financial jargon. Consequently, you find yourself in a paradox of too much information yet not enough information. But like any great accomplishments in life, you should approach the home buying journey with discernment and strategic planning.

Analyzing your current needs, immediate future needs, and your financial situation, or more specifically, if you can even afford a house, are crucial. From choosing the right lender to property research and inspection to reimbursing your home loan in time, becoming a homeowner entails many obligations, but the rewards are huge as well.

Talking to a home loan expert will help ease the complexities of the home buying journey. Having someone with intimate knowledge and understanding of the market will help you make purposeful money decisions more confidently while saving you precious time. Capkon brokers have helped thousands of families to find the home loan that suits them, and we are more than happy to help you as well.

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Property Upgrade

Did you buy your first property a few years back and now looking forward to moving to a bigger space?

Be it to accommodate your increased family needs or a way of investment, upgrading to a bigger property is an important financial decision.

Indeed, your family circumstances might have changed over time. Your family has grown and you are in need of enough space for your kids to grow or your parents to stretch their legs in. Even your income is stable now and investing in a bigger property sounds about right. But transactions for upgrading to a property are ever more complicated.

You will need a strategic plan and various things need to be considered.

There are ample things to remember and the transaction is more complicated than buying your first home. You need to know about the deposit you have and the equity you can draw from your existing property. Don’t forget to evaluate your borrowing capacity to see if this plan can be supported. And then comes the main execution. No matter how long ago you bought your first property, upgrading to a bigger property is a whole new thing and requires a new knowledge set. Having experienced people like us, offering our services to help you make better money decisions, can help you a lot. Contact us Now!

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Refinancing the Property

Your home loan may have been right for you at the time you bought yourself your property but situations usually tend to change over time and so do your circumstances and requirements thereby affecting your home loan. That doesn’t mean that you should be stuck with one lender for the entire life of your loan. You have to cultivate the habit of reviewing your home loan regularly to ensure that your home loan product meets your needs and objectives. However, if you find a home loan product that suits your needs better, then you might want to refinance your home loan.

Refinancing can save you thousands on interest repayments and other fees in addition to increasing your financial flexibility to accommodate the changes in your life. However, refinancing needs to be done very carefully and may not be the best choice in some cases. Mortgage brokers are up to date with the latest offers, market trends and have insights into the market. They can negotiate on your behalf and land you better deals by leveraging their relationship with the lenders.

Thinking of exploring your options for refinancing? Contact us now and find out amazing home loan deals you could be taking advantage of.

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