Capkon has partnered with selected conveyancing firms across Australia who work closely with you during your property transaction process. Our conveyancing partners are licenced professionals and are regulated by state laws in which they operate in. Capkon reviews the partnership on regular basis based on the quality of customer service and feedbacks from the users who choose their conveyancers from our platform.

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Accounting Services

Capkon has partnered with selected accounting professionals who can assist you for your personal or business tax matters. Our accountants are registered, highly qualified and very experienced in helping you through complex tax issues in Australia. We regularly update our panel of advisers based on their commitment to customer service and continuous feedbacks received from our users.

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Insurance advice

Capkon has partnered with insurance advisers who provide advice on your personal insurance needs such as life insurance, income protection, trauma cover, cover for total and permanent disability etc. Our advisers are authorised financial services licence holders and are experienced in their services. We review our partnership arrangement on a regular basis based on the feedbacks we receive from our customers.

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