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Where to buy? choose a location to match your needs.

As first home buyers we often get into a dilemma where is the best place to buy our first home is. We at Capkon have been telling this to everyone we meet. Some of you may already know what we are going to say here. Yes, you heard us right. It’s where you plan to live for the next 5 years.

Think about it this way.


Getting a home loan when you are a self-employed?

A whole lot of us are self-employed and on a surprising note, most of us are even aware that we would be treated as self-employed when it comes to borrowing money for a home loan. Let us look at how banks look at your income when they assess your application for a home loan so that you can tick off your dream home from the bucket list.


What happens after you sign the contract?

Signing a contract means that your offer is accepted by the vendor. As soon as the contract is signed by the vendor, the contract is said to be exchanged and this is the official date for your property purchase transaction.

Depending on which state do you live in, we have different property conveyancing laws. If you are in NSW, for example, you leave a 0.25% deposit while signing the contract and you will generally have 5 days of cooling off period. During the cooling off period, the following things happen:


Buying through auction? What are things to consider?

Auction is one of the sale methods where the agent runs the advertising campaign for about 4 weeks and competitive bidding is encouraged in open public. Upon successful bidding at auction, the purchaser is required to sign the contract unconditionally. This means there will no be cooling off period and you will need to accept the property no matter what.



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