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Finding the Right Investment Property - Here is How!

Investing in property has been around for decades. Putting your money in the property market is safe yet rewarding when done right. Investing in property is exciting and doesn't even require a constant effort. Instead, all you have to do is consider certain factors when investing and let the market work for itself while you relax and enjoy the equity later.

Finding the Right Investment Property

When Should I Refinance My Home Loan?

Refinancing is one of those crucial things you should know about when you have a mortgage. In simple terms, refinancing is replacing your current home loan with a new one. In addition to what refinancing is, when to do it is another question that plagues most homeowners. Unfortunately, the solution to this question isn't as straightforward as it may appear at first glance.

Couple looking to refinance

Buying vs Renting in Australia

“You’ll save more money by owning a house than renting one” is a popular adage thrown around by the people in the real estate industry. However, renting becomes appealing again when the house prices fall because the major advantage of owning (capital growth) is gone. House affordability has always been a primary concern for first home buyers, and working out whether to buy or rent is more disputed now than ever before.

girl deciding to buy or rent a house

Making an Offer on a House - How?

Hunting down your dream house and putting in an offer is an exciting and fun part of owning a home. But more often than not, the process can be incredibly daunting. Not because the task is often tedious but because of the unfamiliar nature of house buying and a lack of well-researched plans. Once you’ve decided on your wants and researched the property in the area properly, making the offer can be swift and easy. At the same time, it is essential to look into a variety of properties and shortlist a few to look further into. Relying on just one can often go wrong.



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