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First Home Buyer - Case Studies

Anil’s Story

Anil is a sales representative working for a reputed company in Sydney for the past several years. He came to Sydney many years back for higher education. After the completion of his studies, he steadily made his way in the corporate world. He received his PR, and he was making good money. He got married and soon realized that his family was growing. The one-bedroom apartment that he enjoyed so much as a bachelor seemed a little cramped. So he decided to take a big step for his future and buy a home.

Mother, father and baby under a cardboard home

First Home Buyers- Case Studies II

Sarita’s Story

As a first home buyer, Sarita was looking for a mortgage she could afford with a reputable lender. She is a nurse by profession and has worked in the health sector for many years. She receives tax-free income as a part of the salary package, as is the case with most of the health sector and non-profit organization jobs.

mother, father and child

Property Upgrader - Case Studies

The Story of Amy

Amy, an existing client at Capkon, bought an apartment a few years ago in the prime location of a St George area. During this time, she relished some capital gains as well. Considering her future plans regarding family and children, she wanted to move to a bigger house. Without any delay, she approached Capkon via a text message through our Facebook Page. Later, we set a plan to have a conversation on the phone and discuss her plans thoroughly.


8 ways to add value to your home

Whether you just bought your home or are looking forward to selling it any time soon, your property is always a long-term investment. If you wish to make your way up the property ladder, you can add value to your home and ensure the best return. Adding value to your home can be as minimum as increasing the appeal to buy for buyers to even increasing its selling value.



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