What determines your capacity and how to maximize it?

What determines your capacity and how to maximize it?

Borrowing Capacity

You might have been asked or introduced to a common term called “Borrowing Capacity” while planning for a Home Loan. It is very important for you to know how much your borrowing capacity is what determines it. Knowing how much you can spend on your property purchase can improve your decision making.

In addition to your deposits, your borrowing capacity also plays an important role in knowing your budget. We have listed a few factors that can influence your borrowing capacity and also how expert advice can help you choose the right lender to maximize your borrowing capacity.

Whenever you make any home loan application, lenders use their own criteria to estimate your borrowing capacity. They also use buffer rate or margin of safety on top of what you are likely to pay in your interest rate. Below are some of the factors that can influence your borrowing capacity.

  • Your Income and its type (base, overtime, commission etc)
  • Rental income, for an existing or proposed investment property
  • Investment income (such as from shares, savings etc
  • Non-taxed income (such as government payments, Centrelink payments etc)
  • Your family structure (married, de facto, single etc)
  • Number of dependent children
  • Your household living expenses (such as food and grocery, travel and transport, medical, education and childcare etc)
  • Your ongoing commitments (such as a car loan, credit card etc)

How to Maximize your Borrowing Capacity?

Well, borrowing capacity plays an important role in helping you determine what property you can buy and how much you can actually spend on it. With increased borrowing capacity, you have more power in deciding which, what and when you will purchase. Knowing your borrowing capacity will also help you to narrow down your search. Often knowing certain tips and tricks will help you get your larger loan approved. It is a known fact that one should never borrow more than one can repay, but maximizing your borrowing capacity doesn’t mean that you will be applying for an unmanageable level of debt. It simply means enhancing your capacity towards your dream house with a few simple steps. Increasing your borrowing capacity mostly revolves around having a clean credit history, your saving pattern, and your existing income. Adding to these, you can take a few key steps such as looking around for the right lenders and the right mortgage while maintaining proper financial records. Likewise, limiting your unnecessary spending and building a track record of responsible saving often boosts your borrowing capacity as it aids in saving you a hefty deposit. Here are 7 Key Steps to Enhance Your Borrowing Capacity. Well, monitoring these steps and keeping track of them will surely strengthen your borrowing power.

Different Lenders?

Your borrowing capacity could be different from lenders to lenders because they may treat your income differently. By choosing the right lender, for the same level of income, your borrowing capacity can vary up to $60,000 !

Consult with our Brokers

If you are in the borderline or want to borrow a bit more to secure the property you want, please speak with experienced mortgage brokers who can assist you with the loan product and appropriate lender selection.

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