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At Capkon, we integrate business, industry insights and our values with innovative technology to perform and deliver our best. We are devoted to providing our clients with an outstanding experience and results every time. And for that, our team of technological professionals is committed to providing advanced, secure, and qualitative infrastructures. No information is lost or misused. In this fast-paced world where technology takes precedence, we aspire to stay on top of our game so that you can be on top of yours.

Have a closer look at the technologies we use:

Content Management Technology

Drupal :

Creating informative content is something we are passionate about. Capkon has always been committed to providing authentic yet most useful information to all our readers/clients. We strive to broaden our reader’s understanding and knowledge with simple and user-friendly websites. For content management on our websites, we use Drupal, an open-source web content management framework. We are able to provide a variety of navigation and presentation of our content to different users depending on their unique needs and roles.

Customer Relationship Management Technology

Hubspot :

HubSpot is a multi-functional software that offers tools for content management, social media marketing, web analytics, customer support, landing pages, and search engine optimization. We can keep track and record our progress with customers. If you select a broker, this system ensures that this same broker will handle your case and assigns the task accordingly. Hubspot has enabled us to keep you up-to-date about our work and deliver beneficial offers and events according to your needs. We keep our service transparent to our clients.


Java spring :

We have used many features offered by Spring and Frameworks in many of our applications. Spring has made programming Java (Programming Language Framework) quicker, easier, and safer for us. Spring’s focus on speed, simplicity, and productivity aligns with our goals. For example, we have used it to develop the calculators on our website. These calculators are programmed to consider every variable which gives you extremely precise calculation every time. Furthermore, you can use our services on a wide number of platforms thanks to Java's massive cross-platform support.

Website creation Technology

Google Sites :

We have used google sites to create in-house websites to support collaboration between all the members of our company. Every activity is documented on the site making it convenient to trace back if any errors occur. We are able to provide training, share information and get insights from our members, so that each one of us works for the betterment of the company, eventually upgrading our quality of services.

Project Management Tools

Redbooth :

We cannot stress enough on the importance of being organized. It gets work done quickly and smoothly and generates favorable outcomes. And Redbooth has helped us achieve that. It is used by our Credit team. Redbooth lets our team coordinate activities and interactions to promote and encourage successful execution of projects.

Trello :

Trello provides a flexible platform with many features that enables our team to stay organized. Our marketing team uses Trello. It has assisted our team to work collaboratively, get more productive and keep track of progress on projects.

Client Information Collection Technology

File invite :

File invite forms a secure client portal for document collection, digital signatures and all online inquiries. It has enabled us to streamline our loan and mortgage document processes. We are also able to monitor where the document is in the review process. Your information is always safe with us.

Online Office Suite

G Suite :

G-Suite has become an integral part of our everyday operation. We have used its tools to communicate, collaborate, organize, plan, store and back up our work.

Achieve your dream of owning a home with us

and experience, together with the latest technologies, help us to shape our services in favor of your requirements. We have developed our platform to grow with our clients and adapt to their needs over time. Our platforms have proven to evolve with the changing technology.

We offer you the best services and keep it as transparent as possible. Our adept team at Capkon will help you throughout your Home-Buying Journey. So,get your home loan approved with Capkon,NOW!

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