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From humble beginnings in 2011, Capkon has become a prominent name in the mortgage brokerage industry. Our team of Nepali mortgage brokers has helped over 1600 families to make better money decisions and find their dream homes. If you are entering the property market but are still confused about where to start, our Nepali mortgage brokers in Australia can help.

What is a Mortgage Broker?

Simply put, mortgage brokers are financial professionals who specialize in helping borrowers to find a mortgage. They collect information about their customer’s needs and analyze their situation and then recommend lenders and products that meet their requirements. They get into the nitty-gritty of your financial circumstances and compare the products offered by other banks and lenders to find the one most suited for you. In addition to helping clients choose the right home loan for them, mortgage brokers also guide you through the whole home buying process.

What do They do?

Mortgage brokers deal with banks and other lenders they work with on your behalf. Typically, the first thing they do is assess your financial affairs and provide an overview of your credit score and borrowing capacity. While doing this, they can determine which type of home loan is most favorable for you. A good mortgage broker works with you to understand your specific goals and needs. They evaluate thoroughly what you can afford to borrow and find the appropriate options for your situation. Moreover, they clarify how each loan works and the total expenditure you’ll have to make, such as interest rates, fees, and features, etc. They also offer advice and guidance throughout your home buying journey. Our Nepali mortgage brokers in Australia will assist you from your first day to the settlement day and beyond.

Why Should You Use a Mortgage Broker?

No matter the kind of loan you are searching or the stage of the loan process you are at, a broker can help. Most people have very little to no idea about the processes involved in getting a home loan and may lack confidence in navigating the process themselves. Mortgage brokers can explain all the aspects required for you to understand what it takes to buy a home. Mortgage brokers provide convenience to home buyers as they are able to suggest a range of products depending on your situation by comparing against thousands available in the market. This enables you to be in the know and weigh out your options rather than going to a lender you already bank with. They guide you through the lending process so that the loan can be settled to meet your needs as a customer.

There are real risks (costs, timing, etc.) involved in buying a house if you get it wrong. With a mortgage broker by your side, you'll have more confidence in making better financial decisions. They are not tied up with a particular lender, so they can give you an unbiased suggestion on which loan products to use and thus save your time and money, remove confusion and improve your chances of getting approved.

Why Choose Capkon?

At Capkon, we value your time and understand the hardships involved in buying a property. Understanding your aspirations of becoming a property owner, we strive to deliver a high standard of service and tailor home loan solutions so that you could make huge life decisions easily and with confidence.

Our Team

We pride ourselves on our team of Nepali mortgage brokers who come from diverse backgrounds and cultures. They are fluent in English, Nepali, and Hindi. Apart from extensive industry knowledge, academic qualification, and strategic thinking, our Nepali mortgage brokers are also imbued with Capkon values. Our dynamic team of Nepali mortgage brokers speaks your language, i.e., the language you are most comfortable with so that you can comprehend everything you need relating to the purchase of your dream home.

Have Loans Approved Faster Even the Tough Ones

Getting approval for loans in a challenging situation is one of our specialties. Clients with unique situations, including those who have been turned down by a bank in the past, have gotten their loan approved when working with our team of Nepali mortgage brokers. We also help you cut short on your approval time and the application process so that your home-owning dream comes true much sooner.

Find the Best Home Loan for You

When we evaluate your financial situation and goals, both immediate and long-term, we practice a holistic approach to guarantee that you get the home loan that’s fit for you.

Get Fantastic Interest Rates

We can leverage our relationship with our panel of lenders and secure incredible interest rates for you, which is dependent on the strength of your application.

Ongoing Customer Experience

As part of our ongoing customer experience, we are here for you even after your property settlement. Our team will help you adjust, integrate changes and guide you throughout the life of the home loan.

Expansive Services

Our Nepali mortgage brokers team is at your service from most parts of Australia. You can contact them and start your home buying journey today.

We Work for You

We are legally obliged to work in your best interests while a lender is not. You can depend on us to support and guide you through and beyond this journey of becoming a homeowner.

It’s not only about the mortgages. At Capkon, we look at the bigger picture, i.e., building a future for you and your loved ones, and the mortgage is just a means to an end. Our team of Nepali mortgage brokers strives to use their expertise to make a positive difference in their client’s lives. Regardless of your circumstances, buying a house isn’t easy, but we can help.

Contact one of our experienced Nepali mortgage brokers in Australia today and discover how we can assist you in realizing your home-buying dreams.


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