Homeownership Journey at Capkon: Make Your Dream House a Reality


Don’t you want to purchase your home with confidence?

Buying a home comes with its own set of challenges. If you are thinking of becoming a homeowner, then without the right team, you’ll have your work cut out for you. Regardless of whether you are a first home buyer or a professional investor, the home buying journey will bring a whole host of problems with it. You may be overwhelmed by all the financial jargon that pertains to purchasing a home and any mistake can cost you thousands of dollars. And we understand.

Building a satisfying home buying experience for you is the heart and soul of Capkon. We strongly believe in offering our experience and expertise to help people with complicated financial situations, realize their dream of owning a home and in much less time.

As a buyer, you will be going through the following stages in your homeownership journey:

Step 1: Discovery Session

Your first step in your home buying journey at Capkon will be a complementary finance strategy session held through a telephone call. We will schedule a meeting in person based on the conclusion of the financial strategy discussion.

We will ruminate on your plans regarding home and home loans and assess your current circumstances during this discussion while simultaneously designing a personalized financial strategy to actualize your dream of owning a home.

On top of that, we’ll discuss your biggest challenges, such as decision-making framework, confusion in property search/research, etc. so that we can add value by customizing our services while rectifying these issues.

Step 2: Finance Pre-approval

We then move you to the second step of your home buying journey. From here, we’ll take action in accordance with your circumstances and immediate needs.

We will directly proceed to the formal approval, if you wish to refinance your current home loan or if you already have a property in mind and request the finance approval under a definite timeline.

We will initiate the finance pre-approval process if you intend to purchase a property within 90 days. After collecting all the required documents from you, we’ll offer you loan comparison, recommendations and lending guidelines. Then we’ll submit the application to the lender of your choice. We liaise with you, the bank, and any other stakeholders as required at the same time as we get your finance pre-approved.

Step 3: Property Search, Research, Inspection and Negotiation

Once you receive your finance pre-approval, you can confidently start searching for the property of your choice, within an allocated time. You will get a 90 days time duration to convert this into a full approval.

You can hunt for properties online, arrange for site inspections and research about the property. We suggest you to get familiar with credible designers and their projects when looking for your dream home. Site inspections are a great way to compare what has been advertised with what is actually being sold. The Capkon team can assist you through all these tasks as per your needs. After you have mulled over all the findings and finally decided to proceed further, you can make an offer on the property.

Step 4: Formal finance approval or Full Approval

In the fourth step, after you have exchanged the contract on the negotiated price, you will usually have 5-10 business days off. This is called the Cooling-off period, during which you’ll have to complete the due diligence such as building inspection, pest inspection, strata report, etc. This is to guarantee that the property complies with all the aspects as promised by the seller. Your conveyancer will be assisting you through the process. Being sure that the property meets all aspects helps eliminate potential regrets in the later stage.

In between all these processes, Capkon Brokers will be working rigorously on obtaining formal finance approval for you.

Step 5: Settlement

We then move on to the fifth step where the Capkon Experience team will invite you to sign up for the final loan documents which will then be returned to the lender. At the same time, we will also discuss managing your risks (such as home and contents insurance, life insurance, etc.) and preliminary tasks you need to perform before the settlement. Insurance is a crucial aspect under risk management as it protects your home from unexpected damages. It’s more of a protection for your investment rather than the expense.

The day you receive the keys as the new homeowner is the settlement day which is also the day your mortgage comes into effect.

For those who are refinancing their existing home loan, this is the day the mortgage is transferred to the new lender.

Step 6: Ongoing Customer Experience

Our relationship doesn’t end once you’ve become a homeowner. When all the aspects of your homeownership journey are finalized, we will allocate you a different workflow. Our team will regularly provide you practical tips and guidance on how to navigate through the experience of being a homeowner with a mortgage. What’s more, we’ll remind you to review your home loan at least once annually and we will share some of the best money management practices. We’ll also invite you for an annual rate review and arrange home loan health check-up meetings.

Capkon Mortgage brokers work in favor of the borrowers. We proceed strategically to secure your purchase and keep the whole process as transparent as possible so that your home buying journey is smooth and satisfying. So, buy your home confidently with Capkon today!

Capkon Mortgage brokers are ready to assist you, FREE of cost. Please BOOK a time that suits you best and begin with the Discovery session.


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