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Anil’s Story

Anil is a sales representative working for a reputed company in Sydney for the past several years. He came to Sydney many years back for higher education. After the completion of his studies, he steadily made his way in the corporate world. He received his PR, and he was making good money. He got married and soon realized that his family was growing. The one-bedroom apartment that he enjoyed so much as a bachelor seemed a little cramped. So he decided to take a big step for his future and buy a home.

Today Anil is living in the north-west suburbs of Sydney with his family.

How We Helped

Anil was like any bright-eyed first home buyer. He was looking for a smart way of buying a home. He had little to no idea about where to begin, the processes involved, his borrowing capacity and every other uncertainty that any first homebuyer typically has. A couple of his friends who had prior experience in buying a home suggested him to consult at Capkon. Following up on the advice, Anil came to us with a desire to purchase a house with his existing savings.

As Anil’s first Capkon experience, we set up a face-to-face meeting for the discovery session at Capkon office, where we discussed his present situation along with future aspirations for himself and his family. We answered all his questions in detail and were successful in clearing his doubts about home, finance, money management and transaction processes. We started with pre-approval from one of our major lenders, befitting his needs and objectives.

Once pre-approved, we helped him with property searches. After meticulously looking for the perfect home, we finally found one in the north-west suburbs of Sydney. He took a liking to the property and quickly made an offer to the house. We assisted him with estimating the property price, worked on his negotiation skills, coordinated with all the stakeholders along with finance approval and beyond.

What Happened Next

Anil and his family moved into his newly bought house a few months ago. We remained in contact so he could know how the loan repayment works and he seems very satisfied with the new house.

Our brokers are ready to assist you in your home buying decision from start to end. BOOK a discovery session to begin your journey with us.


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