The Capkon Internship Programs


We genuinely believe that people are our strengths and have placed enormous efforts in the talent-based acquisition and performance-based promotion of all. The Capkon Internship Program is basically designed to attract, mentor, and nurture these talents who can become the future leaders at Capkon.

We are always looking for people with the right combination of skills, fresh ideas, energy, and enthusiasm to drive our company vision and strategy across our diverse business interests globally.

What is the internship program?

  • 12 weeks of unpaid training programs, run part-time with 20 hrs per week
  • Available twice a year: Summer and Winter programs

What are the key dates?



  Application closes: End of November (previous year)   Application closes: End of May
  Internship start date: Starts from 2nd week of January    Internship start date: Starts from 1st week of July

Who can apply?

Australian citizens or permanent residents or anyone with a valid visa for work and training in Australia can apply for our internship programs.

What are the areas of the internship?

If you are interested or passionate about any one of the fields below, you may want to join our internship program to explore your potential.

  • Marketing and communications
  • Sales and sales support
  • Business process improvement
  • IT and Engineering
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Office Administration and Operations
  • eCommerce
  • Fashion design
  • Jewellery design
  • Vertical farming and hydroponics
  • Hospitality and Accommodation Management
  • Construction Project management
  • Credit assessment
  • Copywriting

What is the structure of our internship program?

Our internship programs are designed to let you explore and learn in your area of interest by involving in one of our active projects at Capkon and its group of companies.

  • 12 weeks of part-time (20 hours per week) internship within your area of interest, team, or active project
  • Learning programs to build upon your interest, professional and technical skills
  • Participation in the ongoing live projects within your team
  • Networking opportunities across business teams and our Executive Leadership Team
  • Guided presentation each week from our Management Leadership Team
  • Support structure including a Manager and Mentor

What happens after the completion of the internship program?

We will conduct a review meeting after the completion of your internship program.

Depending on your performance throughout the internship programs and availability of business projects and workloads, you may be offered the employment opportunity to continue within your team in a tailored working structure (Full time, Part-time, Casual, or Contractor).

Please note that while we try our best to fit your skillset with our active projects, we cannot guarantee your employment pot-internship.

What we value most?

We are looking for candidates with soft skills or potential to develop the skills. We believe that hard skills can be taught but soft skills create a great leader.

What is the application process?

1. You can Apply ONLINE.

Submit an online application with a brief description of yourself (be as quirky as you want including your passion, interest, hobby, etc), Resume, qualifying questions, and DISC profiling. (We recommend genuine and simple profiling of yourselves) You will be asked to provide your social media profiles as well.

2. Video conference

For the selected candidates, we will send an invitation to a 15-minute video conference. You can join the video conference from your convenient place.

3. Aptitude and Skills Testing

The selected candidates will be invited for a 3 hours long aptitude and skills test. This test consists of a series of questions relying on your interest, attention to details, common sense, and communication skills. Skills testing is about testing your computer and desktop skills as well as some technical skills in your area of interest.

4. Personal interview

As you pass the tests, you’ll be qualified for a personal interview that will be taken by the HR manager and team manager in your area of interest. We will conduct a 30-minute long interview and try to understand how we can train you best.

5. Offering a place

You have made it, congratulations! You will now need to make yourself available for the training program from the specified date and time.

We take pride in our very rigorous selection process as we are confident that it ensures the talent-based acquisition of future leaders at Capkon.

If you are interested then please:

Apply Now



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