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Everything You Need to Know About Upgrading to a Bigger Property

As a first home buyer, you would find multiple directions outlined for you on the internet assisting you in taking your first step in the field of property purchase. But what about upgrading to your second one as you climb the step upwards on the property ladder? Even though you have an advantage as a ‘second stepper’ over the first-time buyers, upgrading isn’t as simple as it sounds. 

Upgrade to Bigger Property

Property Valuation: What Determines It?

Property Valuation: What Determines It?

Property valuation in common terms is what a property is worth. Practically, it is the amount that someone pays for a property. The market value is a willing arm’s length transaction between a buyer and a seller after proper marketing of a property.

Property valuation is basically the initial step in anything that involves property. Be it for the banks to lend you money or refinancing your loan or even selling the property. This is why understanding the perks of property valuation is vital.

Property Evaluation

Technologies we use at Capkon

At Capkon, we integrate business, industry insights and our values with innovative technology to perform and deliver our best. We are devoted to providing our clients with an outstanding experience and results every time. And for that, our team of technological professionals is committed to providing advanced, secure, and qualitative infrastructures. No information is lost or misused. In this fast-paced world where technology takes precedence, we aspire to stay on top of our game so that you can be on top of yours.

Have a closer look at the technologies we use:

Hand and Tech

7 Key Ways to Enhance Your Borrowing Capacity

Ever thought about what happens if you found your perfect property, looked at the price, only to realize that you are coming short on your borrowing capacity? Sounds disheartening, right? After all, borrowing capacity is often considered a key factor when buying a home. Your borrowing capacity affects how much you can spend off on a property, thereafter, determining your home loan.



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