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Upgrading a property? Know your borrowing Capacity

Upgrading to a bigger property often comes with heaps of paper works and involves a far complicated process than buying your first home. As a first home buyer, all you would be looking forward to is buying a new home, but upgrading a property involves both your existing home and the new one you would want to buy. This being said, upgrading to a bigger property requires the transaction of two properties usually within a single timeframe.


Technologies we use at Capkon

At Capkon, we integrate business, industry insights and our values with innovative technology to perform and deliver our best. We are devoted to providing our clients with an outstanding experience and results every time. And for that, our team of technological professionals is committed to providing advanced, secure, and qualitative infrastructures. No information is lost or misused. In this fast-paced world where technology takes precedence, we aspire to stay on top of our game so that you can be on top of yours.

Have a closer look at the technologies we use:


What is Pre-approval? Know its Importance

Is buying a new home your next big financial decision? Are you planning to own a place of your own? If yes, buying a new home is not as simple as it looks and is certainly not an easy step to take. You will be spending your entire hard-earned savings and most probably your entire life-income yield on the mortgage repayments. Surely, it is a hard call to make, and in any case, if you are not careful and rational about your decision, you might suffer financially in the long run.


Arranging a Simultaneous Settlement

Moving into a new home?

As a homeowner, the first common dilemma you face while upsizing or downsizing is either to sell or buy first.

However, there is a third option that you can approach - Simultaneous Settlement.



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